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Binary MLM Plan

Binary compensation plan can be explained as of having two legs. This sort of tree structure makes it pretty simple and easy to explain to others. These two legs can be called as profit leg and weak legs.

In most of the binary compensation plans you used to get commission on the basis of your weaker legs as this motivates you to work more and more on that leg. This smaller or weaker leg is sometimes also called as a pay leg or payment leg in a compensation plan. Most of the time an in any compensation plan it says that we pay to both legs to manage the balance of the tree structure, but it’s not all that true. Here is what a normal binary plan tree structure looks like.

“Hybrid binary” is the most common term that is used by MLM companies these days. Under this plan one can add unilevel or any other type of plan along with the binary plan. This is mostly done to add more profit towards the company where most people get commissions from the binary part itself.

Advantages of Binary MLM plan

1) Easy to explain and manage.

2) Plan is to pay on a volume basis.

3) There is no automatic cutoff beyond a certain number of levels as is the case in a unilevel plan or a forced matrix plan.

4) Almost close to unlimited legs.

Disadvantages of Binary MLM Plan

Since binary comp plans only allow 2 legs, anyone sponsored beyond the first 2 people must be placed under other people.

How to manage your Binary MLM plan

You need to have the proper support to manage your online business that includes MLM plans like binary. We offer the most effective software that has over 240 features that allow you to manage and promote your binary MLM plan in a matter of few clicks.

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